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Submitted by Hilary (United States), Jun 3, 2010 01:28

Why is BP being allowed to confiscate the clothing of sickened clean-up workers? Why is BP forcing clean-up workers to sign contracts saying they won't talk to the news media? Why aren't those workers being treated as witnesses? Why isn't the site of the oil spill being treated as a crime scene? Why is President Obama, head of the Executive Branch, standing aside while BP destroys evidence? Are we supposed to believe that he has no power? That WE have no power? There are 300 million of us. WHOSE COUNTRY IS THIS????!!!!!!!!!!

There are people at BP who need to go to prison for the REST OF THEIR LIVES for this. The punishment for this oil spill needs to be so severe, that LIVES ARE RUINED. An example needs to be made out of BP. If you hold in your hands the capacity for this level of destruction and you let it happen, then your family is going to watch you die in prison. Now here're the keys to that thar oil rig. Don't spill any, mmmmkay?

In all seriousness, the power of BP is mounting threat. We need to take it out. YESTERDAY! BP could muster an ugly mercenary corps, but it would take some time. The People still have a navy and the US NAVY is equipped, right now, to occupy and defend every BP rig in American waters. BP's assets must be seized and used immediately to care for AMERICANS. Americans whose lives have been destroyed. Americans who've paid taxes all their lives. It's time to take care of our countrymen without threatening to fire them, without forcing them to breathe poison, without hurting them. We need to help them rebuild their livelihood and their history. And we need to liquidate BP to make it happen.

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