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Submitted by J.Johnson (United States), Nov 5, 2010 10:57

There is so much that's screwed up in this guy's piece that it would take a long time to point it all out. But here are a couple: Egan says "The presidency of George Bush produced the worst stock market decline of any president in history." But, if you read the piece he cites as his basis for that statement, the piece refutes him. He cherry picked what the author wrote to leave out the most important facts. Egan also credits Obama for the bailout of the auto companies, missing completely that George Bush proposed nearly $20B in bailouts for GM and Chrysler BEFORE Obama was inaugurated. Egan cites the CBO as saying that Obamacare would lower healthcare costs. He conveniently left out the part of the CBO report that essentially said that their projection was of little real value because so many of the assumptions given to them to use were not realistic and they had far too little solid data to make a sound projection of costs. As for Egan's statement about CBO and 3 million jobs 'saved or created,' I suggest he re-read what CBO actually said. Most of what Egan writes is similar to this piece, in that it appeals to a leftwing ideological audience that already knows what it want to believe, irrespective of those nasty facts that may get in the way.

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