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Submitted by Steven Blaisdell (United States), Nov 7, 2010 00:22

I'll take Mr. Miller's irrefutable, fact based analysis one step further - the fact that Americans across the board consistently and overwhelmingly support the specific components of the health care bill, or support the fact that the auto bailout saved tens of thousands of jobs and a major sector of the American economy; that Americans consistently and overwhelmingly support the actual content of Liberal legislation but reject at the ballot box "Obama socialism" and similar horse crap testifies only to the relentless, brutal, ruthlessness of the conservative spin machine. We now have two political parties in the United States - the Policy Party (i.e., Democrats) and the Marketing Party (Republicans). As the Bush wrecking crew proved beyond a doubt, and as the complete lack of ANY coherent policy from current Republicans fully illustrates, modern 'conservatism' has devolved into an incessant, slavish lust for power as a fully owned subsidiary and promoter of corporate interests. The people have spoken, yes, and as their own documented words clearly indicate they support liberal policies (even self professed conservatives poll in favor of Liberal policy specifics!) but, as Mr. Miller points out, lack the ability to see through the relentless barrage of 'conservative' propaganda.

Therefore,, the 2010 elections were not in any real way about highly popular Liberal policies - these policies are specifically and overwhelmingly supported across the ideological spectrum. The 2010 midterms were once again a referendum on Republicans - in this case, on the efficacy of the 'conservative' message machine. And the results are in - the American people have resoundingly responded - the Republicans do indeed have a ruthlessly effective message machine! So bravo, my Murdoch saturated, corporatist friends - you're the prettiest girls in the room. Now please go about your job of wrecking this country even further so Obama can have his majority back in 2012. The adults have work to finish.

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