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Submitted by Caroline (United States), Nov 5, 2010 15:26

Re various comments on the intelligence and wisdom of the American people--- 1. It seems that the onus is on the government to explain in simple terms what they are planning to do with taxpayers' money, and especially so in the case of a massive entitlement expansion such as Obamacare; 2. If our elected representatives are unable to make a rational and coherent case for their policies, perhaps they do not feel any responsibility to the citizens or are unfamiliar with the policies they are actually turning into law.

Lacking a simple, or even comprehensible, explanation for the cost and benefits of various Obama administration policies, one tends to employ Occam's Razor. The most obvious answer is that it is another redistribution plan in which the government advances further into the citizen's wallet and liberty. Although average Americans might not use words like "re-litigate," but they are smart enough to smell a rip-off.

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