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Reader comment on: The War on For-Profit Education

Submitted by Marlon R. Graves (United States), Nov 12, 2010 19:26

Thank you for going beyond the means of the norm to express the reality of for-profit education and benefit for those who have sustained a decent living from it. As an current advisor, I concur to say that what Kaplan University and most for-profit universities offers to students whom in most cases could not adhere to the traditional style universities and colleges schedules, is a blessing.

Most of my students whom I've been able to assist and still in school, countlessly state that without this style of education there are not sure of where they would be in life. Change means just that "different from before". Well, if anyone wants to take a stab at education then look into the dis-justice government plays a major role by not being honest with tax payers, institutional leaders and those who can't get a job based on the decision made by government leaders which have nothing to do with someone wanting to provide a better outcome for their current situation.

Allow education to be just that a way to educate our citizens of the United States and others by any means necessary to get the job done. I'm not saying be unethical nor demean the American values which we all should practice. Stop and think about where we could be if you take the time to understand what for-profit schools are trying to provide for those who without for-profit schools would be victims of circumstances based on our government making hasty decision because their lack of knowledge and will to do the right thing.

"The Best Communication is an Education" mrg. '03

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