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Submitted by ShillCatcher (United States), Nov 9, 2022 10:49

There seems to be a genre of "analysis" about this election cycle that goes something like this:

Observation 1. Observation 2.

Therefore, Donald Trump is so over!!! Return to pre-2016 establishment Republican politics!!!

No, we aren't buying that. The desperate attempt to claim that Trump is irrelevant or detrimental isn't based on any reasonable evidence. I like Ron DeSantis, I appreciate what he's been doing as a governor in FL (as a resident), but he was only able to do those things because of Donald Trump.

DeSantis ran as a standard Republican for his first term. He was barely able to squeak out a win against a Democrat candidate who was found to be having drug-fueled sex orgies with male prostitutes. But DeSantis was savvy enough to realize that Trump's style worked and that when a LEADER actually leads on issues that people care about (like, not being falsely imprisoned based on fake medical concerns) they earn loyalty and trust. DeSantis made it work, and Floridians appreciate that Florida has mostly been a place of sanity against incredible TYRANNY elsewhere.

A victory for DeSantis isn't a repudiation of Trump in any way, it's an endorsement of Trump. Americans are deeply unsatisfied with the corrupt & illegitimate ruling class regime. Look at who the GOP establishment wanted to push as a candidate in Pennsylvania -- A Democrat celebrity doctor. The GOP party thought what made Trump work as a candidate was that he had been on TV & had name recognition, rather than that Trump articulated real concerns (Build the Wall, Deport Illegals, End Foreign Wars, Bring American Jobs Back) that the GOP refused, and continues to refuse, to address.

We can also point out that the GOP continues to refuse to seriously address voter fraud concerns, censorship concerns, economic concerns, education concerns, or any real issue that people care about. Look at what McCarthy proposed as the Republican house agenda. Tax cuts? More the same. Pathetic.

All of this underscores that there isn't a solution within the existing political system anymore. Trump is the last attempt to make the American regime work. And it's increasingly obvious that the corrupt establishment won't let him, or any outsider candidates, ever win again. So where does that leave us?

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