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Submitted by Amy J Train (United States), Nov 9, 2022 12:40

To point #1: The Republican party is fractured, unlike the Democrats. You have the Trump side, who if you say anything negative about the man, they call you a liberal or a progressive. Two terms no one has ever applied to me in my lifetime, until Trump lovers came along. You have the Never Trumpers, which blame everything on him and then vote...Democrat. And you have the middle. Who would like to move on from Trump even though many of us voted for him at least once. Who are scared to death that our Republic was on the ballot and it lost. Who are looking this morning on where to buy more ammo, stable food supplies and if we can install wood burning stoves before the freezes hit. We keep our heads down and do our jobs and keep letting the two other sides battle it out. The party is fractured and Donald Trump is not the man to lead it. He's already started making fun of our biggest rising star, Ron DeSantis, and he goes out of his way to kneecap Republicans who don't kiss his butt. I don't like the deep state, but our party leader needs to lead the PARTY, not the just be out for himself.

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