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Submitted by suwaneegeorgia (United States), Jan 31, 2011 07:14

If Mr. Gingrich is either a proponent of or a lobbyist for the ethanol cause, he is making a dire mistake. Why? Ethanol is inefficient and causes horribly corrosive damage to most vehicles on the road today. It is counterproductive for the USA to use corn to produce it because doing so drives up the price of all corn-related products worldwide, most notably, food sources. If we want to go to ethanol as a primary source of fuel or a component thereof, we need to get away from using corn to make it and use sugar cane instead. Brazil has an overabundance of cane-produced ethanol that we could have been buying these last several years, but there is a tariff on Brazilian ethanol of over 50 cents per gallon, thus making it untenable. We need to be getting rid of ALL subsidies to ALL markets if we're going to have a competitive economy. This includes not propping up corn producers in Iowa and surrounding midwestern states.

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