Algae instead of Ethanol and Oil!

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Submitted by Andrew (United States), Jan 31, 2011 07:44

I wish People would do research on Ethanol, so They can see that it takes 27% more energy to produce it than Gasoline does, plus We are now seeing why We shouldn't use more than 10% Ethanol, because it has raised the price of food all around the World! Ethanol only produces 250 gallons of Fuel per acre, Sugar Cane 450 gallons, but Algae produces 10,000 gallons per acre! Algae can be grown all year round, in ponds, Green houses, Lakes, Oceans, Algae can be turned into Fuel using Our Oil Refineries! Exxon Mobil is already doing research and development on Algae, but I hope some Small Business Owners get involved also to level the playing field! Studies on Ethanol have shown it causes more harm to Our Ecosystem than Gasoline, so if We could also start using Garbage from Landfills to power a Methanol Turbine generator, We could get rid of Landfills and that God awful smell of Methane leaking out of ground win win! Another Idea would be to capture all of the Emissions from Coal fired Power Plants, and pump it into Under Ground storage, and then haul it by Railroad Tanker Cars to Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, to be used to pump out the 2 Trillion Barrels of Shale Oil, there by getting off of O.P.E.C. Oil! In closing We need to start thinking outside the box and get real creative on New Energy alternatives! May God Bless Our Troops and May God Bless America' THE GREATEST NATION ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH'

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