Paul's foreign policy bad?

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Submitted by Chrisray (United States), Sep 13, 2011 01:15

From this website's title I assume this is a site that pushes for more free markets here and abroad, yet it seems that, from comments above, that Ira Stoll is pro-war. It is kinda hard to engage in commerce with a country you are blowing up, and without a U.S. military presence in places that we don't belong, namely most the rest of earth, our enemies have no visible enemy to fight. Seriously, how is the concept of blowback caused by terrible U.S. foreign policy alien to someone who likes global free trade? Ron Paul is the most free trade lovin candidate and his domestic policies are some of the best (though not perfect) and without the empire to fund, we can take care of more at home. How is that not awesome in every sense of the word?

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