Looks like you do not have any facts and arejust blowing from your tail pipe?

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Submitted by HarryJ (United States), Apr 26, 2012 04:06

Florida Jim,

Looks like you do not have any facts and arejust blowing from your tail pipe? I hope you are no longer inebriated and are sober and your head is ruling your heart. Read the following and hopefully you and all of us can agree on the following.

Leaders on the right do what leaders on the right have done for centuries, they encourage racism. As long as we, as a populous, are divided into arbitrary groups pitted against each other, they can distract us from the fact that they, the people in charge, are stealing our livelihoods. As a political tactic, divide and conquer is as old as the Bible. Unfortunately, it still works.

There are those (a sizable number of them amongst us) who believe that pressing "one" for English has more impact on their lives than the fact that our jobs are being outsourced to Southeast Asia. There are those who believe that the fact that a poor person has a flat screen TV or a refrigerator is more sinister than the fact that their company's CEO is hoarding all the employees' raises. There are those who believe that the poor having healthcare will inconvenience them more than their own insurance company denying them coverage for legitimate illnesses. By the way in the recent law suit in the US Supreme Court about Obamacare the lead plaintiff is a lady who filed a case against the Federal Government, and by the time the case went to the Appeal Court, she declared bankruptcy, because her private FOR PROFIT Health Insurance Company Denied her Health Insurance Claims, resulting in the Helathcare Providers going after her and sadly she had to file bankruptcy. She still hates Obamacare. There are those who believe that because their bike was stolen, it's okay to hate everyone who shares a certain skin tone. There are those who believe that because someone was killed by a person who happened to be African-American, all African-Americans should pay. There are so many comparisons that can be demonstrated based on our societal actions, that those who have been indoctrinated/brainwashed/mesmerized by the right, conservatives and the Republican Party, vote against their own welfare. I will ask you two (2) simple questions Florida Jim. One, do you agree with Romney and the Republicans to pull the plug on Medicare and hurt your parents/grand parents? Second , do you agree with Romney and the Republicans to do away with Social Security for your parents/grand parents, environemental regulations and other civilized society regulations? Remember no EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) means, you will have the pleasure of drinking water laced with PCB, other complex and complicated exotic and esoteric organic chemical compounds which I would say modify your genetic map significantly to hurt and damage your's, your family's, your parents, your grand parents, your siblings, your cousins and uncles and aunts, and friends health and well being! Do not come back and echo what the right wing pundits, RNC talking points memo and/or GOP talking points say. Think carefully and then tell us honestly is this what you want for you and America. The major financial problem in America is due to Wall Street and the exponential growth of our defense budget, even though we have no country on earth to match us, still we are building, building and expanding our defense budget yearly. By the way, the CFO of the Defense Department during George W. Bush's Presidency said, that they cannot properly account 4.3 TRILLION dollars worth of the defense department assets out of a total of 6 TRILLION dollars worth of assets. This translates to 67% of the defense department assets cannot be tracked and accounted for. So would you increase the defense department's budget? Have a good day and hope we can all make our country a better place.

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