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Submitted by ben (United States), Nov 7, 2012 19:57

Why the fascination with teleprompters? Don't we want our politicians to think before they speak, perhaps write a speech? Do we want our Presidents spending time memorizing speeches instead of solving problems and studying issues?

What you call the mainstream media is the reality based community. If you followed this election on Fox news, you were likely prepared for a landslide win. You might also doubt the scientifically proven phenomenon of global warming. Yes, facts have a liberal bias.

Republicans can continue to believe that tax cuts for millionaires create jobs, or that the private sector is more efficient than government at providing health care, but look at the evidence.

Come back to reality.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

It seems to me that efficiency isn't the goal of health care. Curing people/good health is. Even Obama didn't totally eliminate the private sector from health care. Even in countries with government health systems like UK and Canada they use private-sector developed drugs and medical devices. Surely there are some areas where private sector is more efficient than government. Post Office/FedEx? I think on this one you are mistaking a matter of opinion or a continuum for "facts." (Same, by the way, with tax cuts for millionaires. Depends on the tax rate from which you were cutting, no? Do you disagree that the Kennedy-Johnson tax cuts that took rates from 91% to 65% for the top earners created jobs?)

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