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Curing people is important, and if our healthcare system is so bloated with spending on advertising and trying to deny claims, we don't actually provide care, and money that could go towards improving care is wasted. I agree that Obama's plan would have been stronger if it were a medicare for all plan, or even a creation of a VA type system for everyone. I think Americans, if familiar with Canada's healthcare system and the outcomes they get for the money spent, would switch in a heartbeat.

And yes, the tax issue is a continuum. I do wonder whether the tax cut from 91 to 65 percent created jobs, but even if it didn't, I would concede that going from 100% to 99% would, as I would imagine that you would concede that moving from 0% to 1% does in fact increase revenue. But my comment assumes the current situation, that cutting taxes from 35% to 25% like Romney had proposed (at least he had at some point), would not be a job creator. The recently squashed report from the Congressional Research Service said just this. I am all for adding a couple of more tax brackets in the stratospheric realm. 50% on money over 10 million, 60% on income over a billion?

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