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Are you upset that he is going down this path or just for this issue? The obvious reason people are filing briefs and writing op-eds is because there is a clear path for an answer. If this wasn't going before the court they could attempt to use congress but right now the quickest path is the court, after the 4 years they waited for the lawsuit. Just because the government is supposed to uphold the constitution doesn't mean they do or will, which is why the court exists and even they don't always side with the side that most end up believing to be correct. The obvious example being slavery at one point they upheld it then ruled against it...no matter what people say what is constitutional is pure based on the logical consistency of the arguments in relation to the constitution.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

Well on Obamacare I criticized the Republicans for trying to get it overturned at the court rather than repealed by Congress, so it's a point I try to be consistent on regardless of the issue.

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