The Hillary protest vote.

Reader comment on: Jill Stein Cost Hillary Clinton Michigan and Wisconsin

Submitted by SlabTzu, Nov 13, 2016 11:20

Jill Stein voters never saw Hillary Clinton as a centrist. They view her as a far right wing, war criminal. The reality here is that had "centrists" not wasted their vote for a protest vote against Trump, we would have broken the two party system. Let's be honest with the world and ourselves, very few who voted Hillary actually believed in her, they voted Hillary to protest Trump. Had they simply respected their own right to vote and voted their convictions, third parties would have broken the 5% threshold. Now when 2020-24 comes people like Giuliani will have 50% chance of winning the US Presidency. When 2020-24 comes over one million voters will still vote for what they believe in and not against it. We hope millions more will face their fears and join us. The path to victory has no short cuts. It is a long road. Fear and pundits who attack democracy only make that road longer.

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