Hillary's Hate

Reader comment on: Jill Stein Cost Hillary Clinton Michigan and Wisconsin

Submitted by Bamy, Nov 13, 2016 18:44

I'd like to disagree with the sentiment that we're not regarding Stein supporters with enough responsibility for the Trump nomination. As someone who voted for Stein, I can attest to having had a number of Hillary supporters telling me that I ought to die and similar sentiments laced with plenty of obscenities. I've had some of her supporters tell me that they regard Stein supporters with more disdain than Trump supporters, because we somehow knew better, where as the Trump supporters were just innocently brainwashed. There have been plenty of call-outs, if you care to look.

Simply believing that Stein supporters would have voted for Hillary, and because of this, they were "spoilers" is totally understandable. What's more difficult for me to understand is being incredibly hateful towards someone for not enabling your candidate. For the camp that was supposed to be anti-hate, it demonstrates to me that it was never about abolishing hate for some of Hillary's supporters, but electing a woman, regardless of any complaint against her.

I've been called an "ideological purist" for voting for Stein, but if I was truly being idologically pure, I wouldn't have voted at all. I chose not to vote for HIllary simply because I regarded her as disingenous, that's it. It's not that I didn't like her platform, it's that I believed that she wasn't going to actually do what she said she would or fight for the people she supposedly wanted to fight for. What others call ideological purism, I call lack of trust.

Whatever you choose to call it, please understand that encouraging hateful attitudes toward the far-left won't engender them to your cause.

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