Missing the logic

Reader comment on: Jill Stein Cost Hillary Clinton Michigan and Wisconsin

Submitted by Petzo (United States), Nov 14, 2016 22:14

So this author does not believe there should be more than two parties? If you ask Jill voters, they overwhelmingly felt that Trump was slightly less evil in his regard to foreign policy, and presents an opportunity to destroy the Republican Party to keep them from winning again. Yet, most of these Jill voters would've stayed home than pick between those two poisons. While it can't be denied there are elements to Trump that excites bigotry, it happens on the left. It's the difference between overt and covert racism, but it's all racism. I have hope the author will realize the flawed logic in their argument. Placing blame on a group and thinking lesser than others no other than exemplifies the definition of bigotry. If you really want to know who is to blame, you have to look within. The DNC obviously feared Bernie more than Trump to cheat him (which the DNC now admits). Instead they choose a horrible, warmongering, Wall Street backed candidate that felt the need to continue a political dynasty. We are supposed to get away from the monarchy and oligarchy, not move closer towards it

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