Flipping over the rock

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Submitted by Rich Matarese (United States), Mar 9, 2011 00:45

In the opinion of this private citizen, whether a Republican governor is "punked" by a fake telephone call or a pair of "Liberal" NPR officers are caught voicing their bigotries in a restaurant, getting a look at these immoral, vicious, and pretty thoroughly evil people is necessary for the survival of this nation as a republic under the rule of law.

It is understandable that in time of war, "a bodyguard of lies" is not only justifiable but the active practice of malicious deception in the face of the enemy is the duty of a serving government officer.

But lying to the American public in a time of peace? To the taxpayers who are being mulcted to support the policies and actions of these officers? What conceivable "right" to privacy do these jobholders have when it comes to the conduct of their actions as public servants? Or, for that matter, with regard to those private bigotries which they are willing to profess when they suppose themselves in the presence of others with the same kinds of predatory or otherwise malicious predispositions?

The officers of NPR who were exposed in this operation reveal the underside of the arrogant and hateful "Liberal" mindset which America's political left tries to handwave out of the public eye.

But we do know that it's there.

Just lift the rock and watch them squirm.

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