Ryan False Note?

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Submitted by Charlie (United States), Aug 30, 2012 08:47

A sound description, Mr Stoll, and I'll certainly grant you the Huckabee false notes; he's full of 'em. But you mistake Ryan's comment on the children of the 80s as descriptive. Hardly. It was an appeal that will resonate with a good-sized segment of young 2008 Obama voters. Why do you think he added the comment about his play list starting with AC-DC and running through Zeppelin? That wasn't reaching out to fusty old-guard Republicans.

Ryan, Cantor, Rubio, Love, etc., etc. have a chance to do the essential that McCain, McConnell (how stuffy was he!?), Huckabee, could never do--build a young, vibrant GOP. I thought he was absolutely brilliant and note-perfect.

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