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Submitted by ChuckintheOC (United States), Sep 17, 2012 00:37

The only criticism I have is that by now no thinking person needs what your otherwise excellent article provides (i.e., a justification for the opinion that Dowd is a spokesperson for the Left in America, and that the Left is basically antisemetic...not to mention self-indulgent, elitist, intolerant, racist,etc.), and no mindless ideologue will understand it, so whose opinion was it meant to inform?

One factual detail was incorrect. Jesus was a Jew, as were those in his audience (at Matthew 23) he called "snakes" and "vipers", as where those in his audience to whom he made no reference at all. Thus the slur was clearly not "antisemetic" in intention. As a matter of literary fact Jesus is speaking to the way in which a certain group of religious leaders were behaving; specifically as hypocrites. So his slur was aimed at all hypocrites, not all Jews, some of whom were acting the hypocrite at Matthew 23. Thus Matthew 23 can't plausibly be cited as a credible source for Jews being likened to "snakes". I'm an evangelical Christian, and as such believe that the Gospel of Matthew is the inspired word of God, but even a divinely inspired author can't be held responsible for the contorted cognitive processes of a Maureen Dowd, or the lack of knowledge of the New Testament by an understandably outraged editor of the Future of Capitalism who refers to it as the "Christian Bible".

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