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Submitted by Richard Bramwell (Canada), May 2, 2011 18:06

The single greatest flaw from Bush or Obama is the argument that "our war is not against Islam." Has anyone read the Quran, AT ALL? After its first Surah (chapter) some half of the second is a complete and absurd attack on Jews. The bigotry of the Quran is astonishing. It is more about how awful are the Jews than about anything of value for living on Earth, or even for living for Allah! Any human who believes such nonsense is an enemy of humanity, however quietly they may otherwise lead their lives.

For a President to cave to such absurdity is for him to toss aside the best in human civilization, in submission to a level lower, yes, lower, than that of the worst of cave men. Obama has stooped that low, not once but often, and so has Bush.

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