American Jihad?

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Submitted by Doug Pitt (Ecuador), May 4, 2011 15:56

<< For a President to cave to such absurdity is for him to toss aside the best in human civilization, >>

This is one the nuttiest public comments I've seen in a long time. Richard Bramwell, are you condemning Bush and Obama for failing to declare, "Our war IS against Islam!". Would you really support a President capable of shooting himself,and his country, in the foot with such a pathetically irresponsible remark?

The fact is that Bin Laden, after working for the USA to train the Taliban to fight against the USSR is MUCH more, by far, a creature of the psychopathic underworld of security/espionage/armaments/mercenary/narco/terror professionals than a creature of Islam.

It is obvious that the your vision of bigotry of Islam is a figment of your own overheated bigotry *against* Islam. Meanwhile, it is utter madness to fuel the fires of religious war that can never be won, and ignore the enormous danger of a professional underworld, funded by many different governments as well as arms, drugs and human traffic, acting wholly in its own interest, and bending officials to its will.

If a Bush or an Obama had the guts to declare a Jihad against *that* enemy, he/she would have my full support.

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