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Submitted by RnBram (Canada), May 5, 2011 22:20

I told Mr. Pitt why I am quitting the discussion. It was a reason. He whines that I was running away, in a lame attempt to save face. He has ignored facts, whilst I directly addressed his. Even in the above, he is weaseling around, changing issues or bringing up trivial points because deep down he knows you can't fight determinedly violent people with kind words. (Ask Theo Van Gogh, Mr. Pitt)

Mr. Pitt does not seem to grasp that people who initiate violence, should expect and deserve retaliation. Deaths and injuries that may result are at the hands of initiators. (He will not see how that addresses his whining that Muslims might get upset if retaliation might hurt a Muslim relative.)

Mr. Pitt claims to know history, but plainly has not noticed that when a strong power appeases an aggressive power, the latter becomes emboldened and may even gain the upper hand. Think Adolf & Neville, Doug. With over 250 attacks on US citizens and facilities a year, since the Munich terrorist killings, America is way over the top with patience Muslim aggression has mounted rapidly since the timidity of the Carter administration. The end game is to return the aggression ten fold on the true initiators of terrorism ─not the poor dupe in bomb vest. It would not even require soldiers and American lives. Espionage and thorough aerial strikes. Reminder: collateral victims are,& will continue to be, the fault of the initiators.

Mr. Pitt claims to know history, so he would know that Palestine was a region, never a nation. That the Palestinians sided with Hitler. When you side with the loser, especially when it is based in a fundamental, Koranic, desire to kill Jews, you cannot expect to get your own nation. An honest Palestinian is better off in Israel or Turkey than in any Arab theocracy. But no, Israel is the size of a paper matchbook on a football field of Arab nations, and the Arabs invest their energies opposing that matchbook than figuring out they could be happier under an Individual Rights respecting government. Polls have shown that some 400 million Muslims (about a third) agree with terrorism against infidels (kaffir). Their insanity is no less than that of the Shintoists and the Nazis. They do not want to live, if you are happy, and they say so.

Mr. Pitt claims to know history, but plainly failed to grasp that Japan achieved great economic success *because* General MacArthur a) smashed their violent elements to pieces, and then b) said, in effect, "This is your constitution, and we're here to see you follow it."

We know America, Israel & all infidels are the Islamists' target. intelligence sources know where Islamic terrorist funding and moral support are coming from, and that those sources are two faced It's their new form of guerilla war, by saying they are not at war. Muslim apologizers, America haters, and cowards, routinely fall for the duplicity of Muslim leaders (Yasser Arafat got a Nobel Peace Prize for crying out loud).. No, the only problem is the paralysis and Fifth Column mentality of people high up in government, who like Mr. Pitts, who think the problem is 'complicated'. Sick!

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