I read the Koran. I did not pick over it.

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Submitted by Doug Pitt (Ecuador), May 4, 2011 21:33

You criticize two Presidents for saying the war "is not against Islam." The logical inverse is "Our war IS against Islam!" If you reject the one, it is a fair assumption you argue for the other. Especially fair since you gave no clue that you had anything positive to offer at all. Only now do you hint at some sort of a positive proposal, rather than simply spewing vitriol.

"It needs to be spoken against rather than obsequiously accepted." Is that it? That's your third option?? The President of the country that vaunts freedom of religion should actively criticize one of the major religions? With what end in mind, exactly? We would accomplish what, exactly? Paint us a picture of the positive end-game your ostensibly well "reasoned" course would produce for us!

By the way, it tickles me no end to see you refer to the Renaissance -- a change of thinking brought about by contact with a much more advanced civilization -- Moorish North Africa!

Anyone with an honest sense of history knows that because Europe was reacting against Islam, it belittled the influence of Saracens [Muslims] and exaggerated its dependence on its Greek and Roman heritage. I do know my history, ancient and modern. Cherry picking out of history "The Enlightenment & Renaissance, as better minds sought better ways" and proclaiming Christian superiority, just doesn't cut it Richard. Admit the Age of Conquest into the picture and we see Europeans engaged, during several centuries, in unrestrained armed robbery of every Islamic region on the planet, with a chaplain in every barrack. If Muslims are violent, who have they learned from, eh? The superiority of "The West" arises out of one thing -- a vast superiority in projecting violence over great distances.

And yes, I have read the Quran many times. You clearly only skimmed it, cherry picking the hot button terms you need in order to fan the fires of hatred.

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