you reall should read the Quran

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Submitted by RnBram (Canada), May 4, 2011 17:09

Nice job Doug Pitt: you put words in my mouth and then rant against those words. Where did I say "declare war on Islam"?

Be a big boy, now. Go back and read my point properly:

Observe that I specifically referenced the content of the Quran. My disgust was not unreasoning bigotry, but reasoned observation of reality. Your angry response was the very thoughtless prejudice of which you accuse me, you simply chose to side with the evil you have never really examined.

The Quran IS evil, and 1/6th of the World's people support it. Many even call it the religion of peace or the religion of reason, when it is a religion of violence, hatred and blind obedience (the latter is what "Muslim" specifically means!). It needs to be spoken against rather than obsequiously accepted.

Christianity was every bit as wicked in medieval times, and it was tamed by The Enlightenment & Renaissance, as better minds sought better ways. The same must be done with the Islamists.

All evil needs is for good men to do nothing and for unthinking dupes, Mr.Pitt, to go along. Be a better mind, and advocate that others also be so.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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