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Submitted by Doug Pitt (Ecuador), May 5, 2011 20:40

It is no surprise at all that you hit on all points around the main issue and then spuriously claim irrationality on my part as valid excuse for running away with your tail between your legs. The last thing you want, is to have a bright light shone on your complete inability to devise a positive viable plan of action.

What is the end game? We follow your guidance and do get "The President ...(to) ...vehemently oppose Sharia law," and we then end up, where? Passing through what, on the way? What about terrorist recruitment, that has risen dramatically among all the husbands, brothers & sons of the dead or maimed from the US wars of conquest in central Asia. The geographical invasion is a fait accompli. Now the US, as you desire, lectures them on what legal system they should choose. With what moral authority? With what real repercussions?

Cut out the jeering tone of superiority and answer the questions Richard, or else admit (by running away) that you simply haven't thought it through.

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