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Submitted by ben (United States), Sep 20, 2010 21:17

I would say that providing healthcare for the elderly and poor is a mark of a civilized society, something we didn't do in 1927. Of course, there are many other useful functions our government provides today that it didn't used to.

It is an interesting debate over how much of a person's success is hard work and how much is luck. If I am born into a wealthy family, is that luck? I would say yes. I will go to good schools, get a good education, have financial support to start a business and perhaps strike it rich. Conversely, it I am born in a poor family I will attend a lower quality school, have worse healthcare that keeps me from learning as much, and so on. There will always be outliers on either side of this divide, but far too many people think that their own success is because of their innate brilliance, or believe that someone else's failure shows a lack of effort. If we all started out in equal situations, perhaps we could ascribe one's lot in life to their own abilities, but of course we don't, so we can't.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

Some is luck, some is hard work. Look at cases of siblings born into same families. If one is successful and one is not, hard to blame it on the family.

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