Go back to the Eisenhower-era taxes

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Submitted by Ross (United States), Oct 5, 2010 04:48

We need to go back to the Eisenhower-era level of taxation for the privileged wealthy (91-92% taxes on the the taxable incomes of the superich). Only in this way could we ever recover what these thieves have amassed by first robbing their overworked and underpaid employees, then plundering ordinary customers by overcharging them for everything from food and medicines to housing, and finally avoiding their share of taxes by hiring batteries of lawyers and tax accountants to hide their money in tax shelters they have purchased through their "legal" bribery of our elected politicians. And now after the abject failure of their so-called "businesses," they continue to pay themselves millions of dollars in annual bonuses from the multibillion dollar government bailout that used the taxpayers' money to reward greed and failure. Keep up the good work, Paul Krugman!

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