Luck, or hard work and good decisions?

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Submitted by Ben L (United States), Sep 25, 2010 10:09

I was once a volunteer interviewer for a private scholarship. I can attest that many orphans and children of horrible parents succeed by their hard work and good life choices.

Conversely, I have witnessed wealthy children throw away everything by their poor choices.

Additionally, I have seen life-long losers wake up one day, become ambitious, work hard and turn their lives around.

This social mobility is not a product of government intervention or stimulus or 'luck', but a free capitalist society.

I quite glad I live in a society that still allows me to work hard and work more so that I can create a financial surplus to provide a private school education for my children, as well as enriching and skill-developing extra curricular activities. My financial surplus also pays for me to continually increase my knowledge and value to employers in the form of speculation by matching my future skill to future demands.

Perhaps there is luck; if luck is created by hard work and good decisions.

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