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Submitted by Stephanie (Russia), Sep 21, 2010 04:08

Dr. Krugman expresses indignation at the sense of entitlement the rich feel toward their money. But the rich will say they have earned their money, and so are justified in their sense of entitlement. It is the sense of entitlement Mr. Krugman feels toward the rich's pockets, the rich say, that is misplaced.

Krugman, though, asserts that the rich are the "luckiest" class in the world, and thus by inference, that the rich have not earned their money; they just happen to have won the jackpot. Obviously this is a point of contention- although I am sure Krugman feels entitled to that Nobel Price he "earned".

Further, we must remember that we live in a LIMITED democracy. The rule of the majority is limited by inviolable personal rights, and the rich feel as though their personal rights are being discounted by liberal pundits. When we attack the bank accounts of the rich in the name of "fairness" and "justice" we give them reason to fear and grow angry.

In the end, we are all going to have to sacrifice in order to fix our country's structural difficulties--and yes, this includes our esteemed "middle class" as well as the rich. Don't pretend we can (and should!) put this all on the shoulders of the rich.

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